Every Speaker Has A Story

Every Speaker Has A Story

A professional keynote speaker and professor interviews public speakers at all levels about their successes, failures, and everything in between. Each episode is a set of stories collected around a theme. Episodes drop on an organic schedule. I make a contact and have a good conversation and I start building. But I will not drop episodes to meet some arbitrary standard of timeliness. I have a day job! I don't want to churn weekly content in order to get sticky eyeballs. My guarantee to you is that each episode is worth your time.

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    9 - Vrooman at INBOUND

    Want to hear me give the speech that at least three people on Twitter said made them "laugh the most" of all the INBOUND talks? They also said I "slayed it" and that I was their "favorite speaker." If it helps persuade you I make jokes about the following in this talk: mustaches, Star Wars, the AMC Gremlin, Kurt Russell, steaks, mustaches on fire, Ms. Marvel, Hunter S. Thompson, Whataburger, Karl Marx, Karl Marx's beard, the mustache part of Karl Marx's beard on fire, the poop emoji, Tom Selleck, Sarah Hopkins' purse, robots taking over the world, flowers, and, for the nerds, there is a gaffe where I make a joke about Jurgen Habermas being dead, but, you know, I just found out that he is still going strong at 88. My bad!

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    8 - Oh, No, Not Power Point!

    Hear from speakers from the fields of business, health, academics, teaching, public service, engineering and more about what makes good and bad visual aids in "the real world."

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    6 - South by Nor'easter

    The blizzard Stella strands your host in New York City, causing him to miss his appointed slot on the SXSW podcasting stage. Jetlagged, but determined, he gathers the audio shards of the on-the-spot interviews and audio soliloquies he collected during SXSWedu the week before and listens. It turns out some very interesting ideas about interactivity and design and taking advantage of opportunities to tell your story emerge. Why are we not working harder at being innovative speakers at events like these? How do you interview a robot for a podcast? Why are people wearing so many khakis? All good questions, answered in this episode.

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    5 - My Greatest Success

    Hear 8 tales of public speaking triumph. The tales of the empty room, the crowded room, the sojourner, the school, the inventor, the shirt , the nerds and the challenge. These tales can help us unlock the possibility of having our own greatest success. If that sounds too easy, it is. Each of these tales is a story of risk, of uncertainty, of challenge, but, ultimately, of great reward.

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    4 - Superheroes

    Did you know there are professional speakers out there with abilities far beyond those of normal speakers? That people with great powers were struggling with their responsibilities and how to integrate their secret identities with their daily lives? In this episode, meet The Psychic, The Strongman, The Mad Magician, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Brainiac and Omega Woman. Hear how they found their stories! Be amazed at their awesome feats!! You'll laugh, you'll cry, and since it's all free, you won't have to kiss any bucks goodbye!!!

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    3 - Nerves

    Most people have anxiety about public speaking. Here are seven stories about anxiety and a few takeaways that might help us work through our own communication apprehensions.

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    2 - Disasters

    Do you fear the worst when public speaking? Has the worst already happened to you? If you told your story of the worst thing that has happened to you while speaking, would it sound like the collected tales in this episode? Would hearing the stories of others give us takeaways we can use to improve? Is this description going to consist of only questions? Are you going to listen already?

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    1 - Technical Difficulties

    This podcast takes you behind the scenes to get the real story about public speaking. In this episode, hear what happens to four public speaking professionals when their technology fails them at the worst possible time.